Texte Kunst Our house, from 16th or early 17th century, burnt down in 1884 and was reconstructed, then had the number "2" as address in Frönsberg, in the "Sauerland"; a farm-house until 1974 with a barn next to it . A red roof with classic tiles replaced an interim one, after a hail-storm had hit; stables have been reconstructed into a modern kitchen or billard room, but leaving the indoor space for haycarts open over 2 stories, so many a grand party with dozens of friends - especially new year - can be celebrated. We bought it 1977 and still are in the process of reconstructing. Our children have been brought up here, Mirjam(1970), Nora (1981),Arik (1983) and Jakob (1986). There are still many projects connected with this building and there is lots of fun - and hardship - trying to have the good life there. Walls are 85cm thick, the masonry under the roof needs mending, the heating system needs constant attention- especially in winter time. Life is beautiful there- not only because of the possibility to have an DSL connection with telephone over IP or digital TV or the fireplace, the wilderness garden, the pond, the space in the barn and under the roof (200 square meters, 7 m high!) or the libraries with thousands of books but because of ... lets say my wife's Marias freshly baked muffins and cream tea with friends and the family.